Tony Carbone

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Opening Performances for Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chubby Checker, Johnny Mathis, the O'Jays, and the Stylistics
  • Performed on Puerto Rico's Telemundo TV Network
  • Extensive experience in music production for jingles, recordings, and radio theme music
  • Recordings for Casablanca Records, Atlantic Records, London Records, Emergency Records, Mercury Records, and Westend Records
  • Reached the Billboard's Top 20 dance chart five times
  • Production for audio/visual companies and corporations including Liberty Mutual Insurance, IBM, Cognex, and Ristrac
  • Original compositions performed at the Ritz Carlton Marco Island, Opry Land Nashville, and Disney World
  • Vocal performances in Steven King's film Dreamcatcherand NBC's network TV show Providence
  • Songs placed on Europe's RAI Network
  • Two song placements in the film Michael Jackson Commemorated
  • Host of The E-Zone, a popular internet radio show on
  • BMI-affiliated publisher/songwriter
  • Owner of Ridgecrest Music publishing company
  • Owner of Tony Carbone Music
  • Active member of the American Federation of Musicians since 1974
  • Awarded Best New Act 1981 by the National Dance Music Award
  • Alumnus, Berklee College of Music
In Their Own Words

"My whole thing is to try to work creatively and aesthetically, not just use the tools because it's a new plug-in. I give the student an approach so your information isn't just a mile deep and an inch wide. They're going to get really good technical support from the engineering staff. I feel I balance that off with a creative and aesthetic approach."

"We try to broaden their experience as much as possible. The work they may do on an alternative record, or a country record, or a jazz record, may support them later on when they're doing urban pop, just for ideas. Some of the more creative guys out there have a pretty good musical base. They've worked in a lot of arenas. They know not only how to get good vocals out of people, but also what works for the song. This is what's going to separate them from the kid down the street with the laptop and the beatboxes, who's got his stuff all over the Internet. I'm not saying that has no value—it does. But it's not going to have the same breadth, the same dynamic or musicality as someone who has a vast amount of experiences."

"I tell students over and over, it's not required that you like any kind of music to get something out of it. I am not big fan of opera; I'd be the first to admit it. But to say opera has nothing to offer me in terms of experience is foolish. I try to hit that early so they carry that with them when they go to other classes."