150-116 Studio 116

Studio 116 is a studio that functions as a mixing room and a classroom. It is used primarily for classes, mix labs, and limited recording sessions. It may also be used as a production suite for class and personal projects. It is equipped with two Avid control surfaces and contains an array of digital editing software, multiple digital audio workstations, and some outboard gear. Studio 116 is mostly used by the Music Production and Engineering and Screen Scoring programs.


  • Apple Mac Studio
  • Avid MTRX Studio
  • MOTU 8A
  • MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Avid Sync HD

Control Surface

  • Avid Artist Control
  • Avid Artist Mix


  • Dangerous Music SR/ST with remote
  • ATC SCM25A
  • Genelec 7350A
  • Yamaha NS-10AM
  • Bryston 3B-ST
  • Yamaha PC2602

Outboard Equipment

  • API 525 (2)
  • API 550b (2)
  • API 560 (2)
  • TC Electronic D-Two
  • TRUE Systems Precision8
  • Universal Audio 1176 LN (2)

Media Recording/Playback

  • HHB CDR-830 Plus


  • OPPO Digital BDP-95
  • Samsung 65" Display


  • Fender Vibro-Champ


  • Redco Audio Little Red Cue Box (3)
  • AKG K240 Headphones (15)