Minors in Music Production and Recording

As a student preparing for a 21st century career in music, it’s crucial to find the right balance between specialization and versatility. With this in mind, you may wish to select a minor in addition to your major, and there are multiple opportunities to do so through the Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) Department, whether you are majoring in MP&E or any other major at Berklee.

Students majoring in music production and engineering should consider the option to take a minor in commercial record production. This minor is open only to MP&E majors and helps students prepare for a recording industry career.

Students in any major at Berklee (excluding MP&E) may wish to consider a minor in recording and production for musicians. No matter what instrument you play or where your interest in music lies, the recording, mixing, and music production skills you gain in this major, while learning how to work with a digital audio workstation (DAW), are invaluable.

Available to MP&E majors, the minor in audio post-production builds on the skills and creativity gained in this major to equip students for the wide range of professional and creative opportunities in the field of audio post-production. 

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