Stephanie Kellar

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments
music marketing

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Career Highlights
  • Graduate internship in market research at Rykodisc
  • Over 20 years of professional integrated marketing communication and branding practice
  • Past clients include Intel, Polaroid, CMGI, Comdata, Sabian, J. D’Addario, Gretsch, and Berklee Press
  • Past employers include the McCourt Company, Boston Acoustics, and Catapult Thinking
  • Patented inventor and entrepreneur with cosmetic-related products selling in mass channels through her company Key Beaute Inc.
In Their Own Words

"Part of my role is helping students transition from the classroom to the conference room, from college to career. It's an intense progression of small steps leading to large outcomes, and it elicits emotions ranging from elation to dread. I try to show broad options while balancing expectations with reality."

"I have high standards of excellence for students, because our mission is unequivocal—my job is to produce tomorrow's leaders in the global music industry. I expect students to be resourceful and show initiative, because it will be expected of them in business. You must be prepared and bring well-researched ideas to the table, or someone else will take your seat. There is no hand-holding in business, and jobs don't come with owner's manuals. The ability to facilitate group work is key to rising through the ranks—you're either a team asset or a liability—so I stress communication skills and strategic thinking framed with leadership and entrepreneurial attributes."

"We're all over the music industry, and high tech, and consumer electronics, and more, covering obscure concepts like operating in flux, embracing an ever-accelerating rate of change, and managing ambiguity. Then we translate theory into best business practices. My reward is seeing students scale multiple levels of abstract thinking and convert mental models into action plans."

"I believe every Berklee student should take at least two business classes—Legal Aspects in the Music Industry and Taxation—no matter what their major. Musicians need to know how to market themselves and protect their interests, plus understand cash flow and the value of intellectual property. Knowledge is power."