Michael P. Abraham


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Career Highlights
  • Vice president of engineering, KOI Audio
  • Former engineer and member of technical staff, Bose Corporation
  • Produced, recorded, and performed music for Bose/Mercedes Benz Recordings
  • Professional performing saxophonist
In Their Own Words

"Berklee offers a very unique and creative atmosphere for contemporary music production and engineering students. I think with a proper balance of musical training, engineering theory, and hands-on experience, Berklee provides the students with a platform that will help them excel in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself."

"Many of the technical tools and methods used today in the recording studio are quickly going to become obsolete, and it's important for the contemporary music production and engineering student to have an education that's going to allow them to not only change with the new technologies, but help invent them as well. I think it offers a student the opportunity to create careers in all segments of the audio industry."

"One of the things that's so important about Berklee is that the MP&E students are all musicians. Their core course of study when they first come to Berklee is music. That's very important. I'm a musician, a saxophonist. Music was always something that I was involved in. I came to Berklee on a scholarship. At the time, there wasn't a Music Production and Engineering Department at the college, but I was always very much interested in the technical side of the recording studio. That's what led me to study electrical engineering. And when I got into engineering, it was all about music and understanding the recording studio, understanding the process of recording."