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Kirstie Wheeler

Associate Professor

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Kirstie Wheeler is an educational consultant in the New England area and an associate professor at Berklee College of Music. She has a strong background in education where she spent 10+ years in a diverse set of public schools in the northeast, eventually leading her to consultant-based roles in K-12 education while working in higher education. Kirstie feels strongly that all children need access to an equitable education and that all teachers and faculty need to be supported in order to reach this goal. As a consultant, she is currently working as an intervention coordinator at an independent school in Maine using data to inform instruction and identify students who need additional support. Last year, she guided the school through the process of developing school-wide goals in social emotional learning, classroom executive functioning and study skills, and technology. This work led to the opening of the school’s first Achievement Center and several professional development offerings for faculty and staff throughout the year. At Berklee College of Music, Kirstie is creating a new course in wellness for the holistic musician set to run in fall 2023.

As a performer, she sings with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, chorus to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops. Wheeler is a certified McClosky Voice Technician, using her knowledge of vocal physiology and pedagogy to prepare students for a lifetime of healthy singing.

Career Highlights
  • Recipient of several grant proposals
  • Performances with Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  • Certified McClosky Voice Technician
  • School Name
    University of Southern Maine
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    Master of Science (M.S.)
    Field of Study
    Education Administration
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    Berklee College of Music
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    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    Field of Study
    Music Education
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In Their Own Words

“Your potential is found by believing in what's possible."

“My background in teaching gives me perspective on the demands of the daily teacher as well as what children really need when they enter the classroom. I believe that education starts where you are and continues to move forward in order to nourish you as a whole person. As someone who is known to create a loving and accepting environment for both students and colleagues alike, I am committed to meeting everyone where they are—where you are today is just right."

"As an advocate of human rights, I believe that every person is a beautiful creation and deserves equal access and to be treated with love and respect."