Gina Zdanowicz

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Gina Zdanowicz is composer and sound designer in the world of video games, film, television, audio dramas, and interactive experiences. Her passion is storytelling through a mix of engaging sonic elements and innovative technology.

Career Highlights
  • Founder of Serial Lab Sound
  • Coauthor of The Game Audio Strategy Guide: A Practical Course
  • Speaking engagements include Game Developers Conference, GameSoundCon, Pax Dev West, and AES, and at universities including New York University
  • Game audio and interactive work includes Just Cause 3, Bioshock 2, Paladins, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Runewards, among many others
  • Course author and developer in the study of interactive audio
  • 2020 Audio Verse Awards nomination for environment sound design in a new production
  • 2019 Daytime Emmy nomination for sound design and music for Nick Jr. Block Party: Quest for the Golden Cube (Outstanding Short Format Children's Program)
  • 2018 Promax BDA North America Silver awards nominee for music and sound for Nick Jr. Block Party: Quest for the Golden Cube
  • 2014 Daytime Emmy nomination for sound design and music for Outstanding Promotional Announcement for Nick's 2013 Halloween campaign
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, music synthesis
In Their Own Words

"Game audio is not separate from game development. It is a specialization, just as game audio is not separate from academia. I expose my students to the papers and books exploring Ludomusicology, the scholarly analysis of music in the context of video games. This writing has done a great service to the field of game audio by reinforcing its validity as an academic topic, paving the way for more research and analysis. I hope to see industry practices become more accessible to academic programs and, conversely, to make academia more present within industry practice. This cross-pollination can only lead to a deeper understanding of game audio practices, which will lead to more pedagogy-focused game audio programs. In turn, the presence of more game audio programs will yield a highly competent and technical field of game audio professionals."

"As my career in the game audio industry has evolved, I have discovered a deep passion for mentoring, connecting with, and growing the skills of the new generation of composers and sound designers. I foster a collaborative, positive, and open approach to sharing my knowledge and experiences so students can develop the skills needed to set them apart as they enter the industry. I hope to remain a visible and inspiring presence in the industry, notably for underrepresented individuals wanting to choose game audio as a career path."