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Cynthia P. Grammer

Associate Professor
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Cynthia Grammer has served several K–12 Massachusetts school districts in roles such as fine arts director, assistant principal, curriculum coordinator, and music educator. She developed and implemented elementary and secondary curricula for music and visual art for urban and suburban districts. Throughout her career, Grammer has adjudicated festivals, led various committees in music education, and organized conferences. She continues to offer clinics in music education in the Northeast. 

Career Highlights
  • Instruments include voice and classical guitar
  • Administrative SEI endorsement, completed June 2014
  • Completed coursework includes topics such as research for teachers, administrative leadership and teacher coaching, executive development program for school leaders, and rethinking equity and teaching for English language learners (RETELL); Gordon College, graduate-level music coursework between 2013 and 2015; NOVA Southeastern University's Abraham S. Fischler School of Education, doctor of education, instructional leadership, coursework between 2012 and 2014; and National Institute for School Leadership (NISL), executive development program for school leaders in 2012
  • Professional service, ESE Prep Review Committee, 2015–2016
  • President of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA), 2007–2011
  • All-state conference chairperson for the MMEA Conference, 2001–2002, 2015–2017
  • Distinguished Service Award from MMEA for outstanding leadership in music education and service to the profession (2015)
  • Lowell Mason Award from the MMEA for outstanding contributions to music education (1996)
  • Superintendent’s Award from Hull, Massachusetts, for outstanding service to the school system (1993)
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, Bridgewater State College, educational leadership, 2005
  • M.Ed., Lesley University, technology in education, 1997
  • B.M., Boston University, music education: voice, 1979
In Their Own Words

"I want students to come away from my class with a passion and commitment for music and music education. There are many challenges in today’s world for children and teachers that live and learn in many districts. Challenges range from building problems, lack of supplies, outdated materials, and large class size to a lack of support that often results in low-performing schools. These are often challenges that many teachers face. It is important that students come away with the the ability and belief that they can make a difference in today's world."

"My music teaching experience spans over 28 years and grades preK–12. My administrative experience involves preK–12 music teacher supervision and evaluation in both suburban and urban districts. There are many challenges in today’s world for children and teachers that live and learn in many districts. My focus is to continue my work and passion to assist in the development and retention of new music educators. Not only is it difficult to recruit teachers in many districts, retaining those teachers once they make it through their first year is a challenge, and a need that I plan to continue to address."

"Berklee is unique in that it offers all types of students a variety of music education avenues to fulfill their careers."