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Healthcare research suggests there are many benefits to a more holistic approach to patient care, one that integrates mind, body, and spirit to improve overall quality of life. Music therapy is an integrative treatment that is being incorporated into more and more patient care programs. It is a value-added service that can help competitively position your health care facility.

Music therapy is also found in educational settings. Because music therapy addresses specific therapeutic goals in accordance with a child’s individualized education plan, it can be justified as a related service in meeting the needs of children with disabilities. In addition, through music therapy programs, arts organizations can extend their reach into the community and connect with people unable to access more mainstream programs. Music therapy is a creative way to help people succeed while learning about themselves and others.

Financial Support of Programs

Music therapy programs are not an exorbitant expense. The Music Therapy Institute will assist you with program and budget development, and conduct an assessment to identify your particular organizational needs. The institute will also work with you to obtain funding through grants and other fundraising efforts. World-renowned facilities and small local community organizations alike have partnered with the Music Therapy Institute to provide music therapy services as part of their program offerings. Why not join them? Please complete the form below to indicate your interest.