Chi Gook Kim

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Scored independent movies It Strikes Twice, Running from the Devil, and A Vicious Cycle
In Their Own Words

"I teach assistive music technology. Students can record audio or write scores using computers. The purpose of this class is for them to be prepared to go into the mainstream classes. Ultimately, they'll be able to use those tools in their musical careers."

"I basically had to teach myself, so it was a little challenging in the beginning. But after a couple of years, I finally got a handle on different technologies, and I was able to do my portfolio. Then I went to NYU and got a master's in music technology. I've worked as a composer and producer, and recently, I formed a music company with two other Berklee graduates. We are doing independent films."

"I want students to be independent. In the past, if they had a song in their heads, they had to get assistance from a sighted person. But it takes a long time to dictate note by note, so the sighted people would fill in the gap. Now, they can have full control over what they write on the charts and record. So they can write for any professional writing gig or recording gig. They can be fully independent."

"We have a relationship with Perkins School for the Blind. The BIRN is helping Perkins to build and run their radio station, and Music Therapy has an internship there. There's one sighted student taking my class, because he's interning at Perkins. He's learning Braille music, and he's very excited."