All students at Berklee College of Music study a principal instrument and will ultimately select a major in their second semester. We offer 15 diverse majors; many students choose performance, the largest major at the college.

The Guitar Department provides individualized instruction in all styles, including jazz, blues, rock, metal, funk, fingerstyle, classical, world music, microtonal music, and the avant-garde.


Find Your Style

The Berklee Guitar Department allows you to balance the technical with the artistic, all in service of helping you find your voice on the instrument. All styles of playing are offered, including jazz, blues, funk, metal, classical, fingerstyle, and modern improvisation; and you are encouraged to focus or branch out as you wish. Shape your artistic path in a department that trained musicians such as Bill Frisell, Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Kevin Eubanks, Steve Vai, and Emily Remler, among many others.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Learn about financial aid, scholarships, and others ways of paying for your Berklee education.

  • Study Abroad

    Study abroad at our Valencia, Spain, campus. It is recommended that performance majors study in Valencia during their third, fourth, fifth, or sixth semester. For specific program information, please see the chair of your major or contact the study abroad office.

Our Alumni Network

Angie Swan '05: Guitarist, Bassist, Producer

Accomplished guitarist, bassist, and producer Angie Swan ‘05 has toured with David Byrne, Cirque du Soleil, Fifth Harmony, CeeLo Green,, and many others. Learn about Swan’s experience as a female artist and how her education and network at Berklee continually allow her to make valuable professional connections.

Award-Winning Alumni

Molly Tuttle '14

Molly Tuttle, a 2014 Berklee alumna, and fellow alumna Sierra Hull B.M. ’11 recently received 2017 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards (IBMA) for Best Guitarist and Best Mandolinist, respectively. Each were the first female instrumentalist to win in their award category since the IBMAs began in 1990.

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