The Center for Music Therapy provides advocacy to address health disparities and expand the use of community-based music experiences to improve health and wellness outcomes. Advocacy events can be requested and developed in partnership with community organizations. 

Examples of Past Advocacy Events

children hands gathered on ocean drums

Music and Mental Health

The Center for Music Therapy partnered with Dee Dee's Cry to discuss the role of music in taking care of our mental health. This included a community discussion about using music-based practices for emotional expression and connecting to family and community; and a presentation featuring a 30-minute panel discussion and a community music activity.

Cambridge Jazz Fest

Let's Dance Cumbia: Incorporating Music as Part of Your Health and Wellness Routine

The Center for Music Therapy partnered with the Cambridge Jazz Festival to engage with community members on how to incorporate music as part of their daily wellness routine. The center then offered a community music experience to demonstrate the benefits of music experiences for health and wellness.