Sherry Li

Assistant Professor
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Sherry Li is an award-winning producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Her versatility and flexibility have collected her a roster of internationally renowned brands as her clients, which include Mercedes, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Panasonic. She has extensive experience making music of every kind for the most demanding of clients. Collectively, projects that feature her music have been watched and listened to over 100 million times.

As a bilingual topliner, her first published work was lyrics for Kung Fu Panda 3's official Chinese promo song, sung by Lu Han. She has since worked on projects that featured artists such as Steve Aoki, Howie Lee, and Charli XCX.

Career Highlights
  • Cofounder of ICTUS Audio
  • Top-lined on projects for Charli XCX, Steve Aoki, American Authors, and Lu Han
  • Written and produced original songs and scores for top international brands including Mercedes, Harper's Bazaar, Perfect Diary, Vogue, L'Oréal, Prada, Huawei, Vivo, and Swatch
  • Audio codirector of Cannes XR metaverse, "Alexandria"
  • Audio codirector of SIGGRAPH VR Theater (2019)
  • 10-plus TV OST credits
  • 200,000 social media followers on writing platform
  • John Lennon Award - John Lennon Songwriting Contest
  • Official Selection - 77th Venice VR Expanded
  • Official Selection - Seattle International Film Festival
  • Berklee KAO Infosystem Award
  • Berklee ICE fellowship
  • B.A., Berklee College of Music, electronic production and design
In Their Own Words

"Music is one of the few fields where only those who truly love it will enter it, and the work itself gives the worker joy. Naturally, we should expect a high level of competition. When everyone is driven by passion, the decisive element of success becomes professionalism. Creating music with your heart and soul is only the entry ticket; advancing your career with strategy, work ethics, and tenacity is the true challenge of this profession."

"My multiple identities as a producer, songwriter, sound designer, and entrepreneur all come together to shape my philosophy in teaching. I am highly market-minded, caring primarily about my students' ability to survive in this world as working professionals."

"One of the most frequently asked questions from students is: 'How did this person go from point A to point B?' Did successful musicians 'make it' through talent, luck, hard work, or sorcery? I like to share intimate details of my personal journey and those around me with my students, to shed more light on the mysterious road ahead. As I continue my work in the industry, I am able to update my curriculum with new trends, technology, and practices in real time as they appear."