Yao Wang

Assistant Professor
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Yao Wang is a SOCAN Award–winning composer, sound designer, and immersive content creator. She is a cofounder of ICTUS Audio, a Vancouver, Canada–based music production studio focused on providing sound and music services for visual media. Passionate about the marriage of audio and new technology, Wang is currently interested in immersive worlds and storytelling. She aims to elevate art and music with new technologies and create novel experiences without ever overshadowing the core message and values that they embody.

Career Highlights
  • Cannes XR's metaverse, audio director
  • SIGGRAPH 2019 VR Theater, audio director
  • OASIS Immersion's Inspirations exhibition, composer
  • Unraveled 360, director/composer
  • HIRAETH 360, director/composer
  • Gadgeteer VR, sound designer
  • SOCAN Foundation Award for Emerging Audio-Visual Composers, first prize winner
  • John Lennon Songwriting Contest Lennon Award, winner
  • Nominated for Berklee Today's 30 under 30 alumni feature
  • 21st Valence Scénario International Film Festival, Best Original Music Award
In Their Own Words

If you compose for media, music is merely your medium as a creator. We are, beyond all else, storytellers first. The understanding of narrative arcs, character growth, and emotional trajectories is what will guide us to compose the music. Every musical technique we use should be thoughtful and in service of the story. This is the true challenge of composing for media and what I wish to teach my students.