Satya Hinduja

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Independent electronica artist

On a warm night in Mumbai this May, several dozen people sat in seats arranged in a circular pattern around Satya Hinduja ‘04. She instructed them to close their eyes, so that they could go inside themselves, while she played a composition designed to help them get in touch with their internal rhythms. While the participants grew meditative, Hinduja slipped among them to sound soft tones in their ears.

It was the debut of her Alchemic Sonic Environment performance, a sound experience she created by drawing on her diverse musical background, which has included studying at Berklee and Dubspot, scoring films in Bollywood, DJing throughout the world, and examining neurolinguistic programming and kinesiology. 

Hinduja, who was a film scoring major at Berklee, sat down to talk about her musical journey, the transformation of the music industry in India, and finding what she calls her life’s mission to educate people about “the importance of frequencies and the subconscious.” Read an edited version of that conversation.