Mike Denneen

Former Associate Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Cofounder and co-owner of Q Division Studios
  • Recordings with Aimee Mann, Guster, Fountains of Wayne, Howie Day, the Click Five, and Patty Larkin
  • Keyboardist
  • B.A., Yale University
In Their Own Words

"Q Division Studios started out as a small demo studio in 1986 and just kept recording bands. When bands started to do better, people started to hear our name more. We were in the South End for about 14 years, and then we moved to Somerville about 11 years ago. We have three studios now and a much bigger staff and a lot more stuff going on."

"I'm teaching MP-320, Producing for Records. I have a lot of experience doing the thing that this course is teaching, so as situations have come up for the students, I have probably been in that situation and have something to say about it. Hopefully, I can give them some tools and some perspectives to figure the problems out themselves."

"Really, it's a full semester with one goal. The first half, they do demos of a couple of songs, and the second half, they do a full recording. That means a little detours with different songs, maybe, or trying out different things, but in the second half, they get their studio time, and they get really focused. They pick their own artist. It's got to be a Berklee song and a Berklee artist. It's all connected with the engineering class and the mix class. It's a project with three different courses involved, so they're all integrated and coordinated."