Mark White

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Internationally recognized clinician, having taught over 25 clinics for Berklee in Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea
  • Articles on guitar playing and improvisation for Berklee Today and Godin Guitar's website
  • Appearances at major jazz festivals worldwide, including Italy, Puerto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Korea, and Japan
  • Extensive tours including Austria, Russia, Costa Rica, and the United States
  • Record producer and co-owner of Grescotmar, Ltd.
  • Recordings on Blue Note, King Records, and Grescotmar
  • Recordings include Up with ’da Funk and Born Yesterday with the group Last Trip, as well as the solo release Tunch on the MMC label
  • Author of Advanced Reading Etudes for Guitar, Grescotmar Publications
  • Teaching specialties include synth guitar applications, guitar ensemble performing groups, and sight-reading training for guitarists
In Their Own Words

"Berklee is the best school in the world for its kind. The musicians here sum up such a wide spectrum of the industry, from performance to writing to MP&E. They're the best of the best. These are people who are proficient in their business because they've been in the business. There's not another conglomeration of such talented faculty anywhere in the world! You combine that with excellent course structure and continuing efforts to improve the educational aspects of the system, and you get a real win-win situation here. You add to that state-of-the-art facilities and you can't do any better anywhere else."

"As needs change for the students, materials are being updated. They're being made interactive with computers and web-based study systems. The courses are constantly updated, modernized, and incorporating material that the students are interested in stylistically. It's not about learning things that they have to do; it's about learning things that they want to be able to do."

"I want students to be practically trained guitar players, to be able to cope with the professional world. It's real-life experience that dictates what we're teaching and where the material is coming from. And everything that I do in my lesson plan is based on practical application with the students. It's a hands-on, how-to approach with a lot of back-up material drawn from real-life playing situations."