Leonardo Blanco

Associate Professor
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In Their Own Words

"Early on in my career, I discovered that the power and magic of music from geographically diverse areas gave me a new understanding of the world. I am exceedingly grateful for this discovery because it has been infinitely inspirational and a bountiful resource for the development of my music as both a performer and a composer. It is my goal to share my enthusiasm for and understanding of world music elements with my students."

"I have seen the excitement on my students' faces when they consciously recognize elements from Africa, Latin America, or the Balkans in the music of other cultures. It can give them the awareness of the transformative power of music and its ability to transport a person to the other side of the world. I also hope to teach my students how to incorporate multicultural elements into their own music. Diverse ethnicity creates endless possibilities."

"It would be difficult to find a music institution anyplace in the world that exposes its students to a richer variety of techniques and styles on the piano, as well as in composition and improvisation, than Berklee. With that foundation, I hope to help my students develop their own creative possibilities, to enable them to keep expanding their craft wherever they go after school."