Chair Mike Mason speaking at a podium, on stage with students.

Mike Mason, chair of the Africana Studies Department

Our curriculum focuses on and contextualizes the history and social, artistic, cultural, and historical contributions of the global African diaspora at the intersection of arts and culture. Our courses are open to all students who would like to learn about the African diaspora.

Mission Statement

The Africana Studies Department educates, mentors, and transforms students into cultural leaders, socially responsible researchers/scholars, and artists who create innovative and inclusive modes of expression. Africana Studies at Berklee also guides, equips, and challenges diverse human beings of all backgrounds to lead with a commitment to equality and justice.

Our courses are open to all students, and our doors are open to all who wish to learn more about the African diaspora worldwide. We provide an open and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of color, race, ethnicity, sex, gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, health, ability, social class, religion, nationality, personal background, or other aspects of identity.

We are:

  • student-centered. All students’ academic and personal well-being matter. Afro-diasporic student success and thriving is at the core of our beloved community.
  • faculty-driven. Our faculty are skilled educators and content experts serving as elders in our beloved community. We are deeply committed to interdisciplinary and intersectional research that privileges local and global community voices while remaining connected to all entertainment industry sectors.
  • engaged with our local/global community. Our beloved community is an aggregation of invited local/global voices committed to diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging.