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Jeff Perry


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Career Highlights
  • Instruments include trumpet and electric bass
  • Leader of the Jeff Perry Quartet/Quintet
  • Electric bassist and arranger for Jes Perry, a New England–based singer-songwriter
  • Recordings include Quartet and Foundation (Jeff Perry), Music for Brass and Percussion (Jeff Perry/Gregg Brennan), Andersonville (Jeff Perry Quintet), and The Way That I Feel and Clearing My Head (Jes Perry)
  • Extensive private studio instruction since 1985; worked at Music Maker Studios in Brighton since 1997
  • School Name
    DePaul University
    State or Province
    Master of Music (M.M.)
    Field of Study
    Jazz Composition
    Date Degree Received
  • School Name
    Berklee College of Music
    State or Province
    Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
    Field of Study
    Contemporary Writing & Production
    Date Degree Received
In Their Own Words

"I do a lot of arranging classes, and there are some great examples from big band and swing, but that's not necessarily what the students are listening to. So I try to find examples in the music that the students are listening to, but still teach the same concepts. I basically bring in my iPod to every class, and sometimes we go off on different tangents about stuff that's happening right now, from Audioslave to Kim Richie."

"I try to relate the class topics to real-life situations, what I had to go through, what I did professionally. This is the project that I want you to do, these are the guidelines. I'm the client, you're the artist. This is your job. You can also do another version of it that's more artistic for yourself, but you need to be able to fulfill the professional aspect of it. When you're out there writing jingles and the client wants it a specific way, you have to do it that way. Or you won't get called again."

"The thing that's great about Berklee is it really functions like a real-world community. How can you get to play in the studio? Well, do you know anyone who works in the studios? I get to call people for gigs all the time, and I call people that I know. Basic networking."

"The community is also important in the live performance situation. If I'm working on an arrangement, and I rehearse it with the band, as they play, things change. Having the ability to change the arrangement right then and there is very important."