Greg Liszt

Associate Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Banjo player and creator of unique, four-finger picking style
  • Member of Crooked Still, Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band, and the Deadly Gentlemen
  • Recorded with Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band's Live in Dublin, Crooked Still's Hop High, Shaken by a Low Sound, Still Crooked, Live, Some Strange Country, and Friends of Fall, and the Deadly Gentlemen's Carry Me to Home and Roll Me, Tumble Me
  • Latest release: Four Finger Banjo (2018)
In Their Own Words

"I like to be constructive and creative while setting clear musical goals for my banjo students. Some of those students are lifetime banjoists, some are brand-new crossovers from other instruments. I even have some students who don't play banjo at all, they just want a banjo player's perspective on their own musical endeavors. I am very process-oriented, and I get excited teaching how to practice as well as what to practice. Of course, my lessons tend to focus on technique, repertoire, improvisation, composition, and banjo history. But the best part of teaching for me is tying all of that into higher level musical and artistic issues that engage students on an intellectual and spiritual level."

"First and foremost, I want my students to achieve a high level of personal expression through the banjo. That can mean very different things for different people. Just think about how differently Pete Seeger and Béla Fleck have used the banjo to achieve their artistic goals. In addition to specific benchmarks of musical progress, it is important for students to come away with a strong sense of excitement and possibility about the banjo."

"Berklee offers students all the resources they need to carve their own pathways, not just musically, but personally, academically, and professionally. Roots music students at Berklee are uniquely positioned to move back and forth between traditional and contemporary musical settings, and they can make so many wonderful connections in both worlds."

"I have been active not just as a banjo player, but also as a bandleader, producer, songwriter, and videographer. Those experiences have broadened my appreciation for how my instrument fits into the world of music and how it can play a role in a fulfilling artistic career. I try to convey that bigger picture to my students along with the practical knowledge they need to apply their musical skills in the real world."