Strings Course Syllabi

ENST 131 Harp Improvisation Ensemble

ENST 132 Banjo Improvisation Ensemble

ENST 140 Funk String Ensemble

ENST 141 Free Improvisation for Strings

ENST 151 Berklee Contemporary String Orchestra

ENRT-P202    21st Century String Band

ENST 221 String Master Class

ENST 223 Wayfaring Strangers Ensemble

ENST 224 Rhythmic Exploration for Strings

ENST 251 Classical String Chamber Music

ENST 252 Contemporary Arranging and Performing for Strings

ENST 253 Old Time Fiddle Ensemble

ENST-P254     Contemporary String Quartet

ENST 271 Global String Ensemble

ENST 290 Rock Strings Ensemble

ILST 121 Jazz Violin Lab

ILST 240 Sound Reinforcement Techniques for Strings

ILST 250 Recording Techniques for String Players

ISST 221 String Class for Music Education Majors

PFSS 361 Survey of Contemporary String Styles

PIST 111, 112, 211, 212, 311, 312, 411, 412 Private Instruction - String Principals

RPST 211 Recital Preparation 1

RPST 212 Recital Preparation 2

RPST 311 Recital Preparation 3

RPST 312 Recital Preparation 4

RPST 411 Recital Preparation 5

RPST 412 Recital Preparation 6

PSHR-P270    Traditional Microtonal Theory and Application

ENCL-234 Improvisation for the Classically Trained Musician

ENCL-4001 Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra

ENGB-P211 Qantara Berklee

ENJZ-227     Gypsy Jazz

ENRT-406    Old Time Ensemble

ENGB-223    Celtic Ensemble



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