Gaynor Blandford

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Gaynor Blandford joined the Liberal Arts Division at Boston Conservatory in 2001. She teaches Introduction to College Writing; The Harlem Renaissance; Modernism; Telling Li(v)es: Autobiography and Authorship; Art and War; Shadowlands: The Culture of Death; and Global Women's Visions. With over 30 years of teaching experience in the Boston area and beyond, her focus has been on American literature and American studies, often with an emphasis on the elasticity of boundaries and definitions.

Career Highlights
  • Featured interviewee in the documentary Aside from That (directed by Richard Tilkin, 2015), a film on the search for clues about how best to live, think, and behave when confronted with our own mortality
  • Published “Losing Eddie, Finding Sarah” in Lifeboat, volume 2, number 2, autumn 2003
  • Ph.D., Tufts University, American literature
  • M.A., Purdue University, American studies
  • B.A., University of York, English and related literatures
In Their Own Words

"Language and literature, like music, are infinitely entertaining, useful, and full of wonder. I hope that students will learn from my classes about how words are put together in a way that is both practical and extraordinary. I also want students to see that art and literature span an enormous range of subjects with remarkable results. Topics as diverse as war and death are as deftly handled by musicians and poets as by historians and politicians."

"My professional background is in American studies as well as in American literature, and this gives me invaluable insights into the multiple intersectionalities inherent in American society. I also have experience in both collaborative teaching and writing; they have allowed me to see many classroom opportunities for moments of agency in student involvement."