Eunice Flanders

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Studied violin, piano, handbells, and voice
  • Publications include "Reading: What Does Gender Have to Do with It?" in Focus: What We See, Know, and Learn; "Workout on Wheels" in American Fitness Magazine; and "Preferences, Purposes, and Learning: Fiction Writing in the Junior High Classroom: A Case Study," Northeastern University
  • B.A., Johnson State College, psychology/education
  • M.A., Northeastern University, writing
  • Certificate, Boston University, administration
In Their Own Words

"I want students to understand that writing is a process, a craft, and an art. As art, I think Berklee students can make connections to the discipline writing involves. I try to make the connection between making music and using words to create something meaningful both to the writer and to the reader."

"We live in a world that, within specific disciplines, demands a complex set of skills. Musicians need a skill set that is broad to perform at the highest level in a complex world. Having a broad view with a 'lens' that understands the connections between the liberal arts, music, writing, art, theater, and dance is important. The more connections one can make to 'the muses,' the more informed one's own particular chosen art will be, in my opinion. Studying the liberal arts makes artists better artists."

"Students need to write no matter what direction they take. We live in an increasingly writing-oriented world with technology driving that direction. I know it is hard for some first-semester students to see, and they may sometimes feel they are back in high school, but writing is a life skill. They will use it for the rest of their lives as professionals. I just helped a student after class edit her bio. We always need to write for some audience at some point that is beyond texting and Facebook. It is a practice. Can you be a good musician without practice?"