Eric Hamel

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Eric Hamel is a storyteller who's interested in utilizing audio and music to create innovative, interactive experiences that are intertwined with gameplay. His work can be played on PC, mobile devices, X-Box, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. As an avid game audio and game design speaker, he has previously presented at IndieCade, the Game Developer's Conference, BostonFIG Talks, Interactive Audio Montreal, and Game Audio Boston.

Career Highlights
  • Composer, sound designer, and game designer
  • Cofounder of Boston-based indie game studio Worthing & Moncreiff
  • Clients and industry experience include Electronic Arts, Fatloot Games, Oneiric Entertainment, Tusgi Studio, and others
  • A founding co-organizer of Game Audio Boston
  • Nominee, TIGA Game Industry Award (Best Heritage Game, Worthing & Moncrieff: Austen Translation), 2018
  • Nominee, Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award for Best Sound Design, 2017
  • Nominee, TIGA Game Industry Award (Best Puzzle Game, Worthing & Moncrieff: A Matter of Murder), 2017
In Their Own Words

"Writing adaptive music for video games is an exciting and engaging challenge because it requires both the right and left brain. It is equal parts artistry and engineering. Embracing advancements in technology is key to innovating in this art form."