Two Track: Rock Choi (Virtual Concert)

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Event Dates
Wednesday / September 22, 2021 / 8:00 pm
Virtual Event

Two Track is a music video series designed for Berklee’s YouTube and social media channels that features artists in an intimate setting with only one microphone and continuous camera takes. Each recording session will revolve around a single theme (i.e., connection, love, dreams) that can be expressed by the artist either through their track selection or through a short storytelling segment that will be recorded as part of the performance. The videos in this series will premiere at specific dates and times, but if you miss the premiere, each video will be public on the channel in continuity. 

This week features Rock Choi performing an original titled "Combo" and "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson. 

About the Artist

Born in Seoul, South Korea, musician and composer Rock Choi discovered the music of the Beatles and AC/DC, and immediately found a passion for the sound of the electric guitar. At 19 years old, he released his first album. He then began studying at the Seoul Institute of the Arts before enlisting in the Capital Defense Command army band for two years. Since then, he has worked as a live performer and as a session guitarist and an artist, and will be releasing more music in the near future. After completing his duties with the military, Choi came to America where he will continue to follow his passion for music and create his new life as a professional musician. He believes it is his destiny to be a guitarist and play music for the rest of his life.