Two Track: Christian Inman (Virtual Concert)

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Two Track is a music video series designed for Berklee’s YouTube and social media channels that features artists in an intimate setting with only one microphone and continuous camera takes. Each recording session will revolve around a single theme (i.e., connection, love, dreams) that can be expressed by the artist either through their track selection or through a short storytelling segment that will be recorded as part of the performance. The videos in this series will premiere at specific dates and times, but if you miss the premiere, each video will be public on the channel in continuity. 

This Two Track episode features singer-songwriter Chris Inman performing two songs: “Sandcastles” by Beyoncé and his original tune “I Can Fix You.”

About the Artist

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Christian Inman is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter who makes music anyone can relate to, no matter what age. He always knew that he wanted to pursue music. His father would go to the studio and record music, and Inman inquisitively would watch his father create. Infatuated by the song-making process, he started learning to record his own vocals and produce his own instrumentals. Inman released his first track in 2019, then released his original, self-produced song “Change” in June of 2020. The song spread across TikTok, which led him to partner with YouTuber/actress Liza Koshy to raise over $17,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative.

Inman’s newest self-produced single, “I Can Fix You,” talks about the internal struggle of staying with someone solely because you believe you can change them. He says, “This song isn’t encouraging someone to stay in a relationship because you think you can fix them, it’s a story explaining why someone would stay in a relationship they know isn’t good for them.”

His band features Lawrence Wingfield Jr. on the piano and Malachi Samedy on the guitar.