Mediterranean Music Institute 2024 Spring Concert: Mediterranean New Roots

Event Dates
David Friend Recital Hall (DFRH)
921 Boylston Street
United States
The Mediterranean sea is home to the most ancient cultures of the world. For many centuries, different traditions have nourished— with rhythms, melodies, and texts—the foundations of what we know today as Western culture.
Today, new generations keep these roots alive with a profound knowledge of their most ancient traditions. At the same time, their youth and global perspective gives them fresh perspective. This video series features young Mediterranean talents that bring us a renewed version of their musical traditions as well as incorporating other musical styles, not only in their performances but in their compositions as well. 
This year’s Mediterranean Music Institute concert repertoire features ancient Persian and Middle Eastern influences with songs from Iran, Palestine, Egypt, and Tunisia and creates new bridges between the Latin cultures, with compositions in Spanish, as well.