About Soundbreaking: The Capital Campaign for Berklee

The scope of Berklee’s Soundbreaking campaign is impressive, yet it’s perfectly aligned with the range of urgent needs that the world’s leading college of contemporary music is ideally suited to address. Whether it’s music education or music therapy; institutes dedicated to music performance or music entrepreneurship; or initiatives such as making higher education more affordable and accessible, only one college of music excels in all of these areas, but we can’t do it without your generous support.

The campaign's three key goals are ambitious but attainable:

  • Create a global laboratory for musical discovery and artistry. The journey toward the music of tomorrow begins here, fueled by creative collisions between brilliant faculty and talented students. Through our music institutes and online offerings, our growing global presence, and new facilities in Boston and Valencia, Spain, Berklee remains at the vanguard of music education.
  • Promote the power of music to change people’s lives for the better. We teach our students to use their artistry to inspire individuals and strengthen communities. Through initiatives such as Berklee City MusicAmp Up NYC, and PULSE, Berklee brings music instruction to urban schoolchildren; through our music therapy program, we promote the healing power of music.
  • Transform the current model of higher education. Spiraling costs make higher education increasingly difficult for many talented young musicians; those who graduate often find themselves burdened with debt. Through a range of strategies—including scholarships, online education, and articulation agreements—Berklee is opening doors and toppling barriers.