President’s Strategic Fund

President's Strategic Fund

The President’s Strategic Fund makes resources available, at the president’s discretion, to move Berklee into the future and respond to urgent needs. Recent uses of the fund have included investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives that seek to make Berklee a more antiracist institution. This financial support expanded staffing for targeted DEI programs, enabled the creation of the Black Lives Matter learning module (now an open-access community resource), and sponsored a two-day conference on diversity issues for the Berklee community. Other past uses of the fund have included special emergency support for students affected by COVID-19 and the resulting financial crisis, allowing them to continue in school and cover living expenses.  

Investments in the President’s Strategic Fund are a top fundraising priority. With a strong financial footing, the president can invest in the institution's most urgent priorities, including increasing the accessibility and affordability of a world-class Berklee education and enriching the student experience.

Executive Director’s Momentum Fund

Executive Director’s Momentum Fund provides transformational, current-use funding to support the highest priorities at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, including new programs, curricular developments, and academic and performance opportunities for students. Invested in the three core areas of our strategic direction—innovation, elevation, and diversity—gifts to the Momentum Fund are catalysts for creativity, artistic collaboration, and student success. 

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