Steve Langone

Assistant Professor
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For the past 25 years Steve Langone has been performing in clubs, festivals, and recording studios. His versatility has allowed him to work in many different genres of music. Some of the artists and groups Langone has performed with include the Jinga Trio and Quartet, Shawnn Monteiro with the Mike Renzi Trio, Claudio Ragazzi Quartet, Greg Piccolo and Heavy Juice, the NDR Big Band, the Boston Pops, Suede, and the Kevin Harris Project, among many others.

Langone has also worked with country singer John Carter Cash, and comedians Joe Piscopo and Joan Rivers. He has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, Cuba, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, China, South Korea, and Oman.

Langone can also be found on over 50 recordings as a sideman to such artists as Nando Michelin, Jinga Trio, Enclave, Gilson Schachnik, Kevin Harris, Shawnn Monteiro, New Stablemates, and Mili Bermejo, to name a few. He has three recordings as a leader: Finders Keepers, Six, and Steve Langone Group. Langone endorses Canopus Drums, Bosphorus Cymbals, and Vic Firth Sticks. Langone has also recorded various soundtracks for National Geographic, Sesame Street, and the Miramax film Next Stop Wonderland.

In addition to his busy performance schedule, Langone is the author of  Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for the Modern Drummer Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Building Blocks for Drummers: Rudiments and Beyond, Vol. 1.

Career Highlights
  • Recordings, performances, and touring with Shawnn Monteiro and the Mike Renzi Trio
  • Performances and touring with Greg Piccolo
  • Performed at Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops
  • Recordings and co-leading the Jinga Trio and Quintet
  • Composing, recordings, and touring with the Kevin Harris Project
  • Recordings and performances with the Claudio Ragazzi Quartet
In Their Own Words

"I would like for my students to be inspired to do their best and to understand that music is not a competition. I would like my students to walk away with a deeper appreciation of musical styles and techniques that they may not have been aware of. Also, I would like them to walk away with the ability to break things down and teach themselves, and to keep an open mind when it comes to music."

"I have been fortunate to perform and record with many different bands and artists within different styles and settings, from duos to trios and quartets to big bands and symphonies. All of my experiences contribute to my teaching."

Jinga Quartet, Hermeto