Blaize Collard

Assistant Professor
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Blaize Collard has been performing and recording in the metal and rock scenes since graduating from Berklee in 2012. He’s also performed and recorded for various video game soundtracks including the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series.

Teaching drums since 2013, Collard specializes in double bass drum technique, practice routine building, and helping students develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Currently he plays with his group Chuggernaut as a co-band leader.

Career Highlights
  • Founding member of the "regressive metal" band Chuggernaut
  • Recorded drums for the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XV original video game soundtrack
  • Recording credits with Yoko Shimomura, Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki, VGO (Video Game Orchestra), Replacire, thebishopgame, Paco Higdon, White Flash, and MARIS
  • National and international touring experience with Chuggernaut, Wilderun, Replacire, and VGO (Video Game Orchestra)
  • Transcriber for Mike Mangini of Dream Theater upon his joining the band
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    Berklee College of Music
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In Their Own Words

"I truly believe that everyone has the ability to become a strong player, and I love empowering students to believe in the material they're working on. Everything we practice should have a clear and understandable purpose, no question."

"As a metal and rock player, I love connecting with students breaking out into the scene and explaining the importance of learning the rudiments, how to read music, and other areas where younger rock drummers commonly tend to falter. Of course there’s nothing wrong with strengthening our rock/metal chops, too!"