PANoDRUMa: A Concert for Handpan and Drums

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Event Dates
Oliver Colvin Recital Hall (1W)
1140 Boylston Street
United States

Sergio Bellotti (drumset faculty at Berklee College of Music) has teamed up with Italian resident Loris Lombardo (percussionist for Italian Star Anna Oxa, world master Handpan player and author).The PANoDRUMa duo, after a few performances in Europe, will premiere in the US with a few workshops and performances in the Northeast, showcasing their unique blend of drums, vocals and hand pan/ethnic percussion in a brand new show of "dreamlike sounds and melodic rhythms."

This dynamic show incorporates original compositions as well as unique arrangements of a few classics, blending a heavily rhythmic driven performance with soothing esoteric and meditative segments. 

Lift your spirit through the healing power of music and let PANoDRUMa become part of your life’s soundtrack!