Sara Caswell

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Leader of Sara Caswell Quartet, and Caswell Sisters Quintet
  • Member of Esperanza Spalding's Chamber Music Society, 9 Horses, David Krakauer's The Big Picture, and the New York Pops
  • Recordings include Caswell Sisters featuring Fred Hersch, Alive in the Singing Air; Sara Caswell, But Beautiful and First Song; 9 Horses, Perfectest Herald; Kishi Bashi, String Quartet Live; Nadje Noordhuis, Nadje Noordhuis; and Roseanna Vitro, The Music of Randy Newman
In Their Own Words

"As a violinist with a foundation in the classical and jazz traditions, my teaching philosophy is built around three objectives. First, giving students a technical grounding that will assist in their musical journey. Next, exploring jazz improvisation as one would a spoken language: through immersion, imitation, absorption, and innovation. And last, giving students the skills to be lifelong learners, performers, collaborators, and teachers."

"As a musician whose career is based largely on collaborations, performing, recording, and touring, I feel it essential to bring these experiences into the classroom. Although young musicians must follow their own path, I hope I can be a resource to them through the lessons I've learned, just as my musical mentors have been to me."