Lauren Passarelli

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The Beatles

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Career Highlights
  • First woman to graduate from Berklee's guitar performance program (1982), first woman to join the faculty of Berklee's Guitar Department (1984), and first woman promoted to full professor in the Guitar Department (2010)
  • Feather Records recording artist
  • Performing songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, recording engineer, and record producer
  • Lead guitarist for art-rock band Two Tru, 1987–present, signed to Warner Brother’s Myrrh/Word Records in 1989
  • Toured New England as "George Harrison" in the Beatles tribute band All Together Now (formerly known as Get Back), 1995–2007
  • Lead guitarist for the band Afterfab, performing the four Beatles' solo repertoires, 2014–2018
  • Albums include Night VisionMidnight Sun, Piece of Sky, Among the Ruins, Shadow Language, Back to the Bone, Playing with the Pieces, Blast of Love, Honeywine, Tender RambleAlways and Forever, Book of Your Heart, and Just Like Earth
  • Digital singles include "Sweetest Thing," "Low Tide," "Bellabye," "Time to Groove," "Mainly Distance," "Enjoy," "Thank You," "Hold on," "Great Day to Land/Happy Birthday," "All the Words," "Tell Me Your Idea," "In December," and "Lean Back into Me"
  • EPs include A Parallel Sunrise, The LA Sessions, Mystery, and The Highest Moon
  • Author of the Guitar Insights series and Adorable Dachshunds
  • Established her own record label, production company, and publishing company: Feather Records, Wizard & Feather Brown Productions, and Cotton Moon Music, with alumna Cindy Brown in 1989
  • Expert consultant for the film Beatles Stories
  • Featured guest on CBS Sunday Morning, discussing the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America
  • In a post sponsored by the NAMM Foundation, was named among the 10 most inspiring women music professors in the country by College Magazine.
  • Recordings and performances with: Sarah Burrill, Kate Chadbourne, Jeff Song, John Mettam, Suzanna Sifter, Thaddeus Hogarth, Mike Bean, Michael Harmon, Doug Alexander, Leanne Ungar, Alizon Lissance, Kathy Burkly, Bird Mancini, Mike Bishop, Mary Douyard, Leni Stern, Danny Morris, Mark Kohler, and Tom Evans
  • Studied with Greg Wells at La Fabrique, a recording studio in the Saint-Rémy de Provence region of Southern France, at Mix with the Masters in March 2019
  • Berklee College of Music Recording Grant
  • Recipient of the 2017 Good Song Award for "Harry"
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
In Their Own Words

"With time and patience you can accomplish anything. I've been a faculty member since 1984, and I wanted to attend Berklee as a student since I was 11 years old. Teaching at Berklee is a blast! It is easy for me to share what I love about guitar and music all day. I am an artist in residence and the Guitar Department’s Beatles expert, professor Beatle; some Beatles fans call me George. I created the Beatles Ensemble for full band in the Ensemble Department and the Beatles Guitar Lab for the Guitar Department. I teach guitar, songwriting, home recording, artist survival skills, and creativity within my guitar lessons and guitar classes."

"Fear can wreak havoc on the creative soul. Many students worry that the magic will go away or they will lose their natural creativity if they study an art like music. It is tricky to not lose yourself in this world, period. Staying true to your own desires takes courage and stamina and all the love you can give yourself. I like to find what inspired my students to come to Berklee, where they want to go with their playing and musicianship, and how I can help them make choices to reach their musical goals with a sense of humor while staying healthy and sane."