Kurt Biederwolf


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Career Highlights
  • International performer/clinician in music and technology
  • Composer, performer, and sound designer for national television and radio commercials, award-winning PBS documentaries, television movies, and commissioned works
  • Sound design and keyboard production for Music Playground, Inc.
  • School Name
    Berklee College of Music
    State or Province
    Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
    Field of Study
    Electronic Production & Design
In Their Own Words

"The Music Synthesis major, particularly at the elective course level, is diverse by design. We are teaching our students to be highly creative with a wide variety of electronic tools. That creativity could take the form of composition, production, performance, sound design for film/television/video games, software design, or a unique combination of several forms. For some musicians, their identity is with their instrument. For us, it is an electronic sound palette put to innovative and musical use."

"There can be a strong connection between music and science. Aspects of music can be described in mathematical terms; this has been done for quite some time. As the most technology-oriented major at the college, Music Synthesis embraces the exploration of the artistic side of science."

"An ongoing challenge for us is the pace at which technology advances. Years ago, we were able to invest in certain technologies and get many years of curricular support from them. Now, with software synthesis at the forefront, updates and new technologies are arriving at a rapid pace, and much of our curriculum is updated each semester. We are committed to keeping on top of these advancements, while still attending to the common fundamental concepts that have stood the test of time."

"Our primary goal is to help our students become innovative and creative people. Just as influential musicians have defined their unique instrumental or vocal sound, we push our students to define and develop their own electronic signature and use this to gain recognition in the music field."