Kaye Kelly


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Kaye Kelly, a visionary arts administrator, international musician, and higher-education specialist, thrives at the intersection of arts, community, and social justice. Kaye created and facilitated the first global Cultural Festival in MetroWest, MA. The groundbreaking event brought in 10,000 participants. In its second year, her state senator advocated to create a $10,000 line-item for the festival in the Massachusetts state budget due to its valuable impact on the community in cultivating diversity in the arts. Kaye also created the first regional MetroWest Arts and Culture Symposium, partnering with Mass Cultural Council and state wide art leaders.

A senior professor in the ear training department at Berklee College of Music, Kaye specializes in teacher training and recently authored a 12-week ear training course that will be used to mentor educators at Berklee Global Partner institutions. In 2018, she traveled to Valencia, Spain for five months to work with administration to fine tune the ear training curriculum. An accomplished songwriter, her songs can be found on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and her songs for social change and gender equity can be found worldwide. Her personal endeavor, The SheGrooves Collective, is a female-forward band comprised of Berklee faculty and students that is an expression of empowerment and representation. As the founder and musical director of the group, Kaye headlines the performances with a cast of multicultural women. In 2023, the Mass Cultural Council awarded Kaye $8,000 in grants for SheGrooves to perform across the state.

Career Highlights
  • Vocalist, pianist, and songwriter
  • Recordings include Coming Undone (2000), a full-length album featuring original pop/rock compositions; Wide Open Road (2012), a full length album featuring original pop/country compositions; and Gone without a Sound (2017), original composition for TV and film
  • $8,000 in grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council for SheGrooves to perform across the state. (2023)
  • Commonwealth Heroine Award (2023)
  • Chalk Hill Artist Residency Recipient (2023)
  • M.M., Boston Conservatory at Berklee/Berklee College of Music
  • B.M., University of Miami
  • Arts Management Certificate, UMass Amherst
In Their Own Words

"I want my students to come away with creative problem-solving skills from my classes. While it's true, I am working through complex musicianship concepts—learning how to problem solve, and to do it creatively, is a real-world skill my students can use anywhere they go."

"I sincerely believe that if you can't find what you're looking for, build it yourself. I have done that again and again in my arts career. It takes grit, grassroots perseverance, and often times a leap of faith. I want my students to be visionaries in their fields. I believe in the hard work and process of getting oneself there."