Joe Rogers

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Influenced by the ancient teachings of tai chi and qigong, Joe Rogers has been teaching students how to access their creativity since the early 1990s. His playing style spans many genres, with self-expression being paramount. When cultivating musicians, he divides the teachings into form and content: form is the technique and style being played, and content is the wisdom behind the playing, which is an expression deeper than emotion.

In addition to his work with Berklee students, Rogers's clients include performing professionals from the Boston area.  He also has a thriving private practice with the general public.

Career Highlights
  • Soloist and accompanying guitarist in both plectrum and classic styles
  • Teaching style incorporates Eastern philosophy to develop the guitarist as a whole musician
In Their Own Words

"I want my students to experience their ultimate potential and awaken to their greatest gift, which is playing music from the most authentic self. I know intuitively what they need to find their path through the creative world and have the skill to bring out the best in them."

"In addition to spending years performing professionally as solo guitarist and ensemble player, my experience as a healer has given me an uncanny ability to open people up to a depth they have yet to reach. This talent has been in demand throughout the college and across many instrumental principals."