Jim Kelly

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Performances with Gary Burton, Jim Odgren, Duke Robillard, and others
  • Leader on the CD The Sled Dogs, The Music of Jim Kelly on RAM Records, Italy
  • Recordings with the Berklee All-Stars and Duke Robillard's Swing
  • Author of Guitar Workshop with Jim Kelly, book/CD, Berklee Press
  • International clinician
In Their Own Words

"There are certain requirements that, whoever your teacher is, we need to make sure you complete as a player on your instrument. Certain scales, chords, pieces, or whatever. Those are the basics."

"Other than that, I kind of loosely base it on this old R&B song "Long As I'm Movin". As long as we find topics that keep the student learning, we can expand what they feel they can do."

"I've learned as much from the students over the years, truthfully, as they have from me. You get a guy that comes from some other place and he starts playing some of his national stuff. It's like, 'Whoa. That's the real thing right there.' It's kind of hard to duplicate sometimes unless you see somebody doing it right in front of you. And that's what I get to do all the time."