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Jeff D'Antona

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Piano, jazz and contemporary styles
  • Leader of Jeff D'Antona Trio, a contemporary jazz trio; Protégé, a function band
  • Member of Planet Radio, original R&B and funk; Cold Duck Complex, live hip-hop
  • Recordings include Jeff D'Antona Trio, Ocean Rising and Offering; Cold Duck Complex, Enough and Figureheads
  • M.A., Queens College, New York City, jazz performance
  • B.A., UMass Amherst, jazz and African American studies 
In Their Own Words

"I want my students to understand how theoretical concepts can be applied to all styles of music—past and present. To explore this, I balance learning concepts alongside real musical examples that the students can relate to. My students apply what they learn by analyzing contemporary music as well as composing their own."

"I want students to be better prepared for a career as a musician than when they came into the class. I want them to gain a solid foundation in theoretical concepts that will serve them in their careers, wherever their path takes them."

"Berklee’s emphasis on contemporary music and technology is like no other in the world. Students have the opportunity to learn from teachers and technology resources that are on the cutting edge of the music industry. When I retire, I want to become a Berklee student!"

"I tell my students that most musicians make a career by wearing many different hats: composer, arranger, performer, teacher, producer, engineer, bandleader. I play all of these roles in various contexts, as a performer/composer in the Jeff D’Antona Trio, an online teacher at HDpiano.com, and a bandleader for a function band. I can’t imagine being able to successfully do any of my current work without a solid foundation in the skills I teach at Berklee everyday."