Craig Hlady

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Career Highlights
  • Guitarist with extensive studio and recording experience
  • Engineer, producer, and arranger; Tower Productions Recording
  • Leader of the Craig Hlady Group
  • Performed or recorded with Didi Stewart, Rebecca Parris, Howard Roberts, Junior Wells, Jon Finn, Toni Lynn Washington, and many others
  • Performer and composer in a variety of contemporary music styles
  • Frequent contributor to Guitar Player magazine
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
In Their Own Words

"I like to play blues, jazz, and rock. I show students how those different styles and techniques can overlap into different genres. My goal is to expose them to concepts that they might not have played before, but I am also open to exploring things they want to learn as well. That said, I also feel the more a student knows the technical aspects of the guitar as far as scales, chords, arpeggios, the easier it will be for them to convey their musical thoughts and I introduce  these concepts into their playing with songs."

"I try to be a problem solver with students when they are having difficulty with something. I introduce playing approaches that they may not have thought of before. My goal is to help them eventually find their own unique voice on the guitar, which is no easy task. There is a balance to studying the guitar. The technical aspects are only means to an end to free up your playing so it comes from your heart and inner soul.  That's where the blues often comes in to play which can overlap into many styles. The whole idea of improvising comes down to playing what you hear. I try to stress to students that the best solos are like mini compositions with a melody, shape, and form to them and not just a lot of fast notes."

"There are so many diverse styles available at Berklee that students can explore. Since the guitar is a very popular instrument, there is a lot of competition in the guitar world for gigs and recording. I do a lot of studio work, so I try to prepare students to be ready for whatever situation or style may come their way. But I also want them to be the best player they can be in their preferred style as well."