Lives Changed

Thanks to the support of our amazing community of donors, our students are able to follow their dreams and pursue a world-class education at Berklee. 

Below, hear from a few of those students whose lives were changed thanks to donors like you.

Annamarie Rosanio

Annamarie Rosanio, Music Production and Engineering and Music Therapy Double Major

"As a woman in the music production and engineering major at Berklee, it is remarkably easy to feel intimidated and underrepresented, not only within the classroom but in the field. Receiving this recognition both validates the work I have done and inspires me to work harder."

Dominic Glaude

Dominic Glaude, Music Business/Management and Music Production and Engineering Double Major

"My education at Berklee has allowed me to learn how to protect myself in the industry, create and manage my brand, and become a better musician and producer and engineer. Berklee has also given me access to a plethora of resources. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to fund my education. I would not be able to pursue my passion without you."

Amanda Fandos

Amanda Fandos, Composition and Film Scoring Double Major

“The Thrive Scholarship has changed my life. When I received news that I was to be a recipient of this award, I couldn’t believe it. With this scholarship I won’t have to put my education on hold, and I will be able to graduate from Berklee on time."

Lindsey Petrosso

Lindsey Petrosso, Contemporary Writing and Production Major

“Being that Berklee was my dream school, getting accepted to the school alone was amazing; however, my family was concerned about whether or not I would be able to attend the school long enough to complete my education. When I got word of the scholarship, my family and I were overjoyed. Because of this scholarship, students like me are given the chance to continue an education at an institution we may not have been able to afford. The scholarship has truly changed my life, as it allows me to live out my goal of becoming a trained musician and making it my main focus."