Latin Music Studies

Latin music and related studies are at the core of Berklee, engaging the entire college community, from academics to concerts and special events. Boasting an international student population, renowned faculty with expertise in a range of Latin music specialities, and alumni leaders in the Latin music industry—as evidenced by the more than 50 Latin Grammys to date as well as their prominence as performers, producers, and engineers across the globe—the college has staked a serious role in the Latin music of today and the future.

Berklee's Latin music roots and connections run deep. The range of courses includes the Bata Rhythms Lab, the Berklee Steelpan Ensemble, and the South American Folkloric Music Ensemble. Berklee faculty specializes in an array of Latin styles, including everything from New York-style mambo to Brazilian choro and beyond. The Latin music program also includes a dedicated minor, performance studies in Latin music, which underscores the music's sociological, political, and anthropological contexts. Cuban music pioneer Issac Delgado, Brazilian jazz master Rosa Passos, and Brazilian songwriter Ivan Lins are among the recent visiting artists who have shared their experience and expertise on campus.

Watch Totó La Momposina perform her original song "Oye Manita" at Berklee:

With such a strong foundation, annual events such as the Latin Music and Culture Celebration, and organizations like the Association of Latin Faculty, Latin music at Berklee is poised to continue to grow, from venues as near as the Berklee Performance Center to as far as the college's campus in Valencia, Spain.

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Dean: Ron Savage, 
Academic Assistant to the Dean: Karen Bell,
Latin Music Studies Faculty Advisor: Oscar Stagnaro,