Interdisciplinary Arts Institute

Where musical and artistic inspiration meet cross-discipline collaboration.

The Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute (BIAI) is a crucible that enables exceptional students to collaborate with leading artists working in every medium imaginable.  

If you are accepted into the BIAI, you will build a mixed-media portfolio while learning to explore, experiment, and manage professional-level projects across multiple artistic disciplines. You will contribute your music, sound design, and composition skills to enrich the work of other artists.

By engaging with leading artists, scholars, and program directors, you will gain first-hand knowledge of cutting-edge global arts and their societal impact. With BIAI’s strong focus on building aesthetic, analytical, and entrepreneurial skills in a high-mentorship environment, you will be prepared to contribute to the artistic discourse and economy of our time.

Apply to the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute.