Visiting Artists

As a Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute student, you'll have access to leading artists, scholars, curators, and arts programmers, who create new works, teach courses, conduct immersive workshops, assist in the design of internships, and provide mentorship.

Working in a cross-cultural experimental arts milieu, you'll engage in a dialogue with 21st century arts leaders.

BIAI Visiting Artists

Artists from past semesters include:

  • Terence Blanchard, trumpeter, Met Opera composer, Oscar nominee, six-time Grammy-winner
  • Tod Machover, composer; director, MIT Media Lab's Opera of the Future group
  • Claire Chase, flautist; curator; Harvard professor; founder, International Contemporary Ensemble
  • George E. Lewis, American composer, trombonist, electronic musician, scholar
  • Vijay Iyer, composer, pianist, curator, professor
  • Jorge Fernandez Torres, director/curator, National Museum of Fine Arts (Cuba)
  • Phill Niblock, interdisciplinary artist; director, Experimental Intermedia Studio (U.S.)
  • Tarik Barri, audiovisual composer based in Berlin 

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