Electronic Production and Design Labs

The Electronic Production and Design Department maintains a total of nine facilities for instruction in electronic composition and production, sound design, audio for visual media (games, film, television, interactive), synthesizer programming and sampling, software and hardware design, audio programming, and performance. The three principal teaching laboratories contain hundreds of synthesizers, standard and alternate controllers, effects processors, recorders, mixers, computers, and software representing many of the industry’s most progressive manufacturers.

Electronic Production and Design Studios

Four 5.1-equipped mix/production studios enable students to develop, produce, design, and complete projects in advanced professional production facilities. Featuring excellent acoustics and sound isolation, these studios provide Apple computers containing a vast array of software instruments, plug-ins, sample libraries, and DAW software. The EP/D studios support multiple production paradigms, including the use of digital consoles, control surfaces, and "in-the-box" techniques.

Electronic Production and Design Analog Suite/Ensemble Room

This newest room in Electronic Production and Design is home to the Analog Suite, featuring signature analog and modular equipment (Buchla, ARP, Moog, Oberheim), live performance and recording capabilities, and open space for specialized ensemble rehearsals.

Students receive hands-on instruction and supervised development time in areas of synthesizer programming, electronic composition/production, audio for visual media (games, film, television, interactive), sound design, software design, and performance.

For detailed information or a brochure about Electronic Production and Design facilities, email or call the Electronic Production and Design Department at elpd@berklee.edu or 617 747-2516.