Electronic Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, and Performer

Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, and vocalist Chagall is an innovative musician and early adopter of the Mi.Mu gloves. Chagall has injected performance and emotion into live computer music and shows audiences that technology can be used to create real-time experiences that leave you feeling more connected to yourself and the people around you. With performances at South by Southwest, Amsterdam Dance Event, TEDx, MUTEK Montreal, and Reepberbahn, among many others, Chagall is one of the most experienced users of this technology to date.

In 2018, Chagall started exploring the world of virtual reality and received a double nomination for her debut, “Ukiyo Cave: Surely” at the International Raindance Film Festival. Her recent singles include "Hidden," "Diva Unchained," and "Bogota."

Chagall visited Berklee in fall 2020 and held an interactive performance seminar and open workshop.