Tom Appleman

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Instruments include bass, piano, voice, drums, and guitar
  • Leader, the Tom Appleman Band (vocals, bass, piano)
  • Member, Flipside and B11 (bass)
  • Performances with Kid Rock and Robbie Kriegger (guitarist, the Doors)
  • Recordings include (as Tom Appleman) Big Flirt, Graffiti, and Tappleman; (as B11) B11, Vitamin for the Soul, and Surf My Spy
  • Appeared at Disneyland, on Carnival Cruiselines, with the Big Apple Circus, and with numerous musical theater productions
  • Voted Boston’s best bass player by Soundcheck Magazine (Vol. VII, 1996)
In Their Own Words

"I want students to come away inspired, worked out, and confident. I want them to understand what they're playing and how they can utilize their music vocabulary inside a series of musical situations, how certain grooves and note selections can be repeated in different situations."

"I am always performing with different groups, so I am always learning song forms, licks, and backup vocals. I want the students to learn songs efficiently and accurately without having to write them down. The ability to memorize songs quickly and efficiently is a big part of my profession, and I want my students to take on the same traits."