Sandro Scoccia

Assistant Chair
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Appearances with Fernando Brandao, Marcus Santos, Roberto Cassan, Filó Machado, and Joe Galeota, among many others
  • Extensive periods with the groups Marimbira, Brazilian Jungle Band, Fikira, and Stone Boy
  • Director and cofounder of AfroBrazil and Bloco AfroBrazil
  • Performances on Broadway and TV
  • Sideman on numerous albums
  • Numerous festival appearances and club performances
  • Percussion clinics with Marcus Santos (Grooversity)
  • Private lessons with Charlie Banacos
  • School Name
    Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    Field of Study
  • School Name
    Berklee College of Music
    State or Province
    Professional Diploma
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In Their Own Words

"I try to be open to whatever the student needs. I play mainly Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Latin music, but as a professional bass player, I play jazz, funk, rock, everything. I try to bring to my teaching experience what I’ve learned here at Berklee but also what I’ve learned in real life. So, be flexible and know that ear training is a great tool. It happens at every gig: there is a tune that I’m not sure about. I’ve never played it before so having good ears is important. I’m pretty open to what the student wants to learn and I’ll give them my advice and my input and that’s my teaching style."

"I can foresee what they will go through and I can share with them my experience and what worked for me. So I toss them a hint: use this, do that, use the incredible resources that Berklee has (the Learning Center, office hours, support, tutoring). There are so many things that students, especially entering students, can use if they’re having a hard time."

"Here at Berklee, there are so many great teachers, but there is always something that you—especially on the instrumental level—can give to somebody to point them in the right direction. A lot is in what the student puts into the instrument. Whatever you put into it, you get back, but if you’re pointed in the right direction, you don’t waste time or develop bad habits."

"Music, to me, is a fun activity. We are blessed to be paid to play. To me, it’s really a great thing. I enjoy playing, and I’m trying to have my students keep that level of enjoyment like when you start for the first time. If you don’t do it with your heart, if passion doesn’t drive you, it’s gonna be a tough life."