Tiger Okoshi

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Trumpet player
  • Leader of the group Tiger's Baku
  • Member of the George Russell Orchestra
  • Performances with Tony Bennett, Gary Burton, Dave Grusin, Dave Liebman, and Pat Metheny
  • Recordings include six CDs as leader on J.V.C. Records as well as Gary Burton's Times Square, Dave Grusin's NY-LA Dream Orchestra, and Dave Liebman's Meditation Suite
In Their Own Words

"The way I associate with a student is to create a relationship, one-by-one. So for me it takes a lot of time to see what is the best effort I can make for each individual student who comes here."

"If the student is new, I very carefully 'diagnose' the symptoms, so to speak. And their personality. And their potential."

"Sometimes students have a lot of dreams, but don't have the facility to go there. And sometimes students think they're not innovative enough. Or they don't have any leadership. Then I will tell them, 'Go work with this person over here. She has a great dream. Help her out.' By helping someone else, they may discover some other goals and think, 'Oh, wow. I think I can do this.' And now they see a possibility they didn't see before."